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Why do I need Catsy?

Improve Productivity

You can get more done with fewer hands so you can focus more on creativity.

Always up to Date

Keep your catalogs up-to-date in our Content Manager and then simply refresh the catalog.

Easy to Use

Catsy is includes simple interfaces and customer support so it’s easy to get up and running in no time.

Reduce Errors

With fewer errors, you will have fewer returns and increased customer satisfaction.

Include Templates

You can use and customize our templates and look professional right away or create your own.

Use Existing Data

Catsy can work with your existing data! Continue using your ERP/Inventory system.

Free Catalog Templates

Use one of your own or choose one of our pre-designed templates so you don’t have to start from scratch!

Digital Catalogs

Get more from your print catalog by creating a digital catalog. Catsy digital catalogs include hot spots that link to your website or ecommerce site. You can include additional images and product information in your responsive catalog and see how prospects are interacting through built-in analytics.

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Product Presentations

Sign up for the limited release of Catsy’s Product Presentation Builder. Product Presentation Builder can help you empower your sales team by giving them a way to make automated and individual presentations. Simply choose a template, select products you wish to include, and be armed with a custom product presentation in minutes.

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Quickly create price books and data sheets with Catsy’s free templates. Catsy supports multiple levels of pricing so that you are ready with customized books for individual customers. Our price books are populated with your data straight from the Catsy hub.

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Specification Sheets

Catsy Specification Sheets are automated and pull your product data, technical drawings, and dimensions directly on to the page using free templates. Create accurate and customized sheets in bulk to supplement your catalog.

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Line Sheets

Organize and store your products, copy, images, tables and pricing all in one user-friendly hub. Grant access to this hub to your product managers, copywriters, merchandisers, and partners. Combining creativity with data organization is what we do best.

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Catsy helps product information management and publishing

Publishing With Catsy

PIM in action

What our Clients Say

“I was very stressed when I was tasked to create a 300 page print catalog. Then I found Catsy. From the word go, they were very helpful--from my content loading all the way to helping me with creating an index. Thank you!”

Nikki, Marketing Manager

SKC Products

"We are very happy with our system and feel that this is the future of graphics design. "

"We like the fact that we are positioned for the future and can deploy quickly to any catalog media with consistent data."

Catalog Software Packed With Best Practices

Catalog best practices tuned over the last decade will get you going on the right track in no time. The way data is stored is singular and organized for simplicity and validity.

Catalog & Product Information Management tips and best practices

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