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How Catsy Works

product information management, product content management


Centralize product descriptions, images,
and specifications

product information management, pim publishing, catalog software, price book, specification sheet automation


Specification sheets, price books,
catalogs and more

Our customers and their customers are able to find information on our products very easily and very quickly, 24/7


Product information management

Collect and manage product information such as: descriptions, images, and specifications. Publish to your eCommerce site, marketplaces, catalogs and more via API.

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product information management, product content management, pim platform


Publish using catalog software.

sales, product information management


Have information ready and publish catalogs.

customer service hub, customer service portal

Customer Service

Access accurate information through CSR portal.

ecommerce, product feed

Marketplaces & Ecommerce

Update specs and add CAD diagrams.

purchasing department


Access data and keep up to date.

product manager, product management

Product management

Update via product information management

engineering, product information management it


Update specs and add CAD diagrams.

merchandising, merchandising product information management


Update via product information management

digital asset management, image management software, product images, product information management images

Integrated digital asset management

Store and manage product images, artwork, diagrams, and more. Connect images to products and easily publish images along with product data to online marketplaces like Amazon, Jet, and Walmart. Directly integrates with product information management.

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Sell on marketplaces

Create automated spreadsheets and catalogs for selling products on marketplaces like Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and more. Simply select products, choose categories, and click finish all within Catsy product information management.

list on marketplaces, product feed, sell on marketplaces, product information management
catalog software, print catalog software, specification sheet creator, price book creator, pim publishing tools

Catalog Software

With Catsy Catalog Software it is easy to publish catalogs, specification sheets, price books, and more with or without graphic design knowledge. Directly integrates with product information management.

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Catsy helped us organize the information, made it available to multiple sources simultaneously, and helped us make these changes with a small department.

Charlie Stockwell, Universal Motion Components

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